Breathing Retraining

Are you using the right muscles when you breathe? If you suffer from chronic neck and/or back pain, the answer is likely, no! Using the BradCliff® method, your current breathing patterns are assessed and we retrain you on the optimal way to breathe.

Do you have a breathing pattern disorder?

Typical symptoms include a feeling of ‘air hunger’ at rest or during movement / sport, disturbed sleep, sore neck shoulders and back, frequent sighing and yawning, feeling tired all the time and feeling dizzy or spaced out. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you may have disordered breathing.

Dr. Carolyn and Dr. Jeff are trained in the diagnosis and recognition of functional breathing pattern disorders using the BradCliff® method. After assessing your breathing pattern, the doctors will coach you through proper breathing technique and provide exercises to help strengthen your breath. If you’ve tried everything else, let us check your breathing!

Muscle Work

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